Raffi and Peace

Today Truth, Justice, Mercy and Peace spent some time “becoming actors in their own history” as Augusto Boal describes in his book The Theatre of the Oppressed. Look out world Peace is on the loose!


About makingchangeonepeaceatatime

My name is Danielle Taylor. I currently live in Central Minnesota and spend my summers in northern Wisconsin along the shore of Lake Superior. My deep belief in the interconnectedness of all life drives my passion for equality and justice. This blog will contain: doodles, photos, brainstorms, running thoughts, research process, reading reflections, movie reflections, video interviews, silly videos and many other seemingly random, yet actually interconnected thoughts and ideas.
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One Response to Raffi and Peace

  1. storydoula says:

    Love how you lingered on Raffi’s tummy when the interview was finished. The tummy of peace! ;D

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